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CTEx Box

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The CTEX is designed specifically to provide printer or computer traceability of the tests carried out.
All the settings are made on an electronic driver with a graphic screen.

  • Vacuum chamber manufactured in colourless transparent PMMA, hinged lid.
  • Useful standard dimensions WxHxl : 350x80x250 (Others possible).
  • Setting of the low pressure up to 85% (0.85 bar).
  • 8 programmable cycles that can be interconnected.
  • Low pressure controlled by the electronic driver and adjustment of the pressure.
  • Time discounted after reaching the low pressure setpoint value.
  • Units : Bar - mBar - Psi - MPa - mmHg.
  • Language: French, English, Spanish, (other languages possible).
  • Integrated printer for printing ticket at the end of the cycle. See the ticket....
  • Supplementary RS232 for PC connection.
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