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ACRN the specialist of tightness tests

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For 25 years ACRN meets the requirements tightness tests of products the most diverse as well in the sector from Cosmetics, food-processing industry, pharmacy as of the industry These tests are realized in dry depression or in dumping in completely transparent surrounding walls associated with a device allowing the putting in depression during a determined time.
ACRN is a manufacturer and proposes diverse standard models or to measure manual or electronic with touch-sensitive screen allowing to make cycles and to obtain the traceability of the test.

These Boxes can be equipped with a lid antifallout for more security of use.

They can be delivered with a vacuum pump.

ACRN developed a game of Boxes in dumping particularly use in The Food-processing industry for the test of dress handkerchiefs, bags, punnets and other blister packs.

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