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Realizations on request

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Its manufacturer’s position allows ACRN to answer all special requests so much in the field of the torque testers so that this of boxes of tightness test.


**Realizations of specials clamping systems adapted to the various products

  • Size V or shape of grasshoppers in 3 different sizes.
  • With 4 blocks for tins.
  • Jaw shape for the fragile products or particular shape.
  • Realizations of checkpoints of couple with outside sensor allowing to extend the range of couple by using a single electronics.
  • Providing Printers or adapter for traceability either by printed ticket or by connecting to a network
  • Special colors on request

**Realization on request of vacuum boxes of all sizes

  • Cover with opening on the top or door opening on the front
  • Realization of carrier on wheels for large models
  • Possibility to perform tests with immersion providing removable trays
  • All possibilities of devices for Vacuum and Time control in manual or electronic version with or without traceability
  • Possibility of directed cycles on request

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