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Main Questions Answers relative to our Products

*About the torque test

**Which is the duration of guarantee of materials ACRN ?

All ACRN materials are normally guaranteed for 2 years parts and labor
under normal use.Within the framework of a normal use.

**When should be recalibrate torque controllers ?

We recommend every year unless otherwise directed by your service quality

**How to calibrate my torque controller ?

Or by returning to BUCHY or on your site
Contact beforehand our technical service : technique@acrn.fr

**What is the range of use of a torque sensor ?

It is from 2 to 100% of the nominal value of the sensor (eg : 0.6 Nm 3 Nm for sensor 3Nm.)

**Do I have to buy multiple devices if I have ​​very different values of couple ?

Not necessarily, especially if test is made in the same place ; indeed, most of the controllers of couples can be associated to an outside sensor allowing to widen range with the same electronics.

**What is the difference between the normal tightening and tightening to grasshopper ?

The tightening to grasshopper allows, especially in the case of a prolonged use of the same product, to adjust only once the tightening of the product and then simply by opening and closing the grasshopper to proceed to the tests more quickly, but especially with always the same tightening.

**Can we replace a normal tightening by a tightening to grasshopper ?

Of course ACRN is a manufacturer of all these systems of tightening and can supply kits of replacement or replace them in workshop.

*About the leak test

**How does work the vacuum chambers ?

The principle is to make a vacuum on the outside of a container positioned inside the
housing and look on an absorber paper to an possible leakage. The return to the atmospheric pressure is made automatically after the preset time count.

**How to make the vacuum ?

The chambers are equipped with an adjustable Venturi vacuum generating, simply
connected by an expander to a clean compressed air circuit relaxed to 6 bars.

**What to do if you don’t have compressed air ?

In this case ACRN can provide a small compressor or a vacuum pump witch are adapted to the volume of the chamber.

**Are there Standards for these leak tests ?

Not really. The instructions vary with containers and contents and are usually determined by the quality department ; however, these tests are usually realized in a pressure ranging between - 0,4 and - 0,8 bars during between 10 and 30 seconds depending to the products.

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