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The national and international regulations, as well as the European directives, contain, for certain products, specific requirements whose compliance must be monitored by a body appointed by the competent authorities.

The intervention of such a body is expressed in most cases by the application of a mark to the product by the manufacturer, as well as by the issue of attestations or certificates.

This is why ACRN has in its laboratory connected calibration tools such as:

  • A number of primary torque sensors witch are connected LNE/COFRAC.
  • Several sets of standard ZIEBEL masses witch are connected LNE/COFRAC.
  • Gauges, Bourdon needle and Digitron electronics witch are connected LNE/COFRAC.

Accreditation by COFRAC certify the competence of these laboratories for calibration covered by this accreditation.

This primary Standards and secondary Standards witch they are derived are subject to a life sheet to follow there calibration interval.

All equipment manufactured by ACRN are supplied with a calibration certificate and associated connection.

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