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Founded in1994 by is actual manager M.ARNOULT, the ACRN company is initially specialized in the manufacture of Torque controllers. In 1997 she joined the equipment manufacturing leak testing products also called Vacuum Chambers and also the control of weld tubes.
ACRN becomes the Specialist of the control on board line of production or in laboratory mainly in Cosmetics.
In 2001 the acquisition of Dynamometry department of MECALIX company allows ACRN to complete its range with Traction and compression equipment and to integrate manufacturing lifting handling Dynamometers.
In recent years ACRN has diversified to touch Pharmaceutical and Food sectors, and also Aerospace and High Tech Automotive industries.

Our business

ACRN is specialized in conditioning control either in laboratory or on the line edge of production in the following areas :

  • Torque Testing when screwing and unscrewing of caps
  • Seal Testing to control the tightness of products
  • Control of the welds holding on tubes
  • Force measurement, Traction or Pulling and Compression

Ours products

ACRN researches, develops and manufactures equipment for these controls as follow :

  • A full range of electronics Torque Testers
  • Different systems of tightening, simple or with grasshopper
  • Vacuum Chambers in different sizes, standard or on special request
  • All pumping systems and vacuum managements manuals or electronics
  • Welding test devices to check the holding the welds on tubes

ACRN designs and manufactures his own torque sensors. All our equipment are calibrated in our laboratory connected LNE/COFRAC
ACRN performs periodic calibration on all of these materials in his laboratory or on site


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