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A specialized laboratory

ACRN possesses in its local of Normandy, a laboratory specifically dedicated to calibrations. It is equipped with an air conditioning system (...)

About us

History Founded in1994 by is actual manager M.ARNOULT, the ACRN company is initially specialized in the manufacture of Torque controllers. In (...)


The national and international regulations, as well as the European directives, contain, for certain products, specific requirements whose (...)

Customer support

As manufacturer ACRN assures all repairs, maintenance and periodic recalibration of all materials on the site of BUCHY. All the spare parts are (...)

Frequently asked questions

Main Questions Answers relative to our Products*About the torque test**Which is the duration of guarantee of materials ACRN ? All ACRN materials (...)


Since 20 years ACRN is the true specialist in «Packaging Control» and manufactures equipments of testing for the edge of line or in laboratory. (...)

Legal Notices

Imprint for professional sites hosted in France under French law - Article 6 III-2 since 21 juin 2004. Company ACRN (Atelier de Contrôle de (...)

Ours references

We meet the color « blue ACRN » everywhere both in laboratory and in edge of production line in all major brands of Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical (...)

Realizations on request

Its manufacturer’s position allows ACRN to answer all special requests so much in the field of the torque testers so that this of boxes of (...)

The calibration

ACRN possesses a room of calibration air-conditioned with a controlled airflow through a diffusing ceiling. This solution allowing to minimize (...)
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